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IssueConversion therapy
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DescriptionConversion Therapy is currently legal. No law currently bans it, despite organizations such as the American Psychological Association denouncing it. Though it's not actually ambiguous (It is in fact legal), this is the best indicator of the available options.
Sourceshttp://www.nclrights.org/bornperfect-laws-legislation-by-state/ http://www.nclrights.org/bornperfect-the-facts-about-conversion-therapy/ http://www.hrc.org/resources/entry/the-lies-and-dangers-of-reparative-therapy
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  • Status is not correct "It's banned in Maryland. It's not ambiguous at all. https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/maryland-bans-conversion-therapy-lgbti-minors/"
  • Status is not correct "Conversion therapy has been BANNED in Maryland since October 1, 2018."
  • Status is not correct "Conversion therapy was banned for minors in 2018."
  • Status is not correct
  • Status is not correct "Conversion therapy has been banned for minors. 2018 law "
  • Status is not correct "Larry Hogan passed ban on conversion therapy May 2018"
  • Status is not correct
  • Status is not correct "it is criminalized in 14 states and dc. please change to banned."
  • Status is not correct "4/4/2018: The Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill banning conversion therapy in a 95-27 vote today. The bill, which also passed the Senate last week 34-12, will now go to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who has said he will sign the bill."
  • Status is not correct "it is not ambiguous it is not banned. delete current status for conversion therapy in Maryland."

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