Entry #1380: Same-sex adoption in Kenya

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IssueSame-sex adoption
Start DateMar 1, 2002
End Datenow
DescriptionSame-sex couples or even homosexuals are not allowed to adopt in Kenya. Chapter 141, Section 158 of Kenya's The Children Act states: "An adoption order shall not be made if the applicant or, in the case of joint applicants, both or any of them [...] is a homosexual."
Sourceshttp://www.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl-nat.nsf/a24d1cf3344e99934125673e00508142/95bcf642e7784b63c1257b4a004f95e8/$FILE/Children's%20Act.pdf http://adoption.state.gov/country_information/country_specific_info.php?country-select=kenya
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