Entry #1309: Right to change legal gender in Switzerland

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IssueRight to change legal gender
StatusLegal, surgery not required
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DescriptionChange of sex is legal though there are now specific laws concerning the matter. In 1993, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland stated that a change of sex should be "irreversible"; many judges interpreted it as the person had to go under surgery. In 2012, the Federal Department of Justice and Police via its Federal Office for Civil Registration released a statement about how transsexualism should be handled by cantonal Register offices. The FOCR stated that the Judges and Authorities should cease to oblige a person to go through forced sterilisation in order to have their sex change recognised. Furthermore, a person is granted to choose his or her gender according to his or her social gender and not anymore according to his or her biological gender.
SourcesFOCR Statement (in German, French, Italian): http://www.ejpd.admin.ch/content/dam/data/gesellschaft/eazw/dokumentation/praxis/praxis-2012-02-01-f.pdf Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland Statement (in German): http://www.transgender-network.ch/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/BGE-119-II-264.pdf

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