Entry #12624: Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Thailand

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IssueLegal recognition of non-binary gender
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DescriptionIn Thailand, khatoeys (ladies-boys) are considered in different ways by the khatoeys themselves and by members of the public. The researcher Sam Winter informs that the Thai public sees them 50% as men with a female spirit, 35% as a third sex and 15% as women born in a male body. As for khatoeys, they define themselves 45% as women, 36% as «a second kind of woman» and 11% as «khatoey» (non-human). In 2004, the Chiang Mai School of Technology reserved a separate toilet space for khatoeys, showing on the door the intertwined male and female symbols. In the rest of the school, khatoeys must wear male clothing but can wear female haircuts.

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  • Status is not correct "It's not legally recognized. The source isn't proof that it's ambiguous. Thai law doesn't recognize any other gender other than M and F. Culturally, as a person living in Thailand, I have never seen non-binary specific bathrooms, in legal documents and hardly ever see it in non-legal documents. Summary: Only Male and Female genders are recognized, sex change is not legal either."

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