Entry #12539: Blood donations by MSMs in Norway

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IssueBlood donations by MSMs
Start DateJan 1, 2024
End Datenow
DescriptionFrom 2024, the same blood donation rules will be applied to everyone regardless of sexual orientation.
Reports (3)
  • Status is not correct "Hi again, This law is not active yet. Please don't have the this "legal" status up yet since it can take over a year for it to be implemented."
  • Date is incorrect "Hi again, I mentioned not long ago that this information is incorrect, but you haven't updated the information yet. MSM must wait 12 months before they can donate blood. The law has not taken effect yet, and probably won't until 2025. So, please update this. Multiple gay men keep getting rejected at the hospitals."
  • Status is not correct "I, an MSM in Norway, just tried to register to giving blood, but they said that they must deny MSM until the new guidelines have been published, which will likely take over a year. Until then, MSM are restricted to give blood for a year if they have had sex the last year."

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