Entry #12207: LGBT discrimination in Dominica

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IssueLGBT discrimination
StatusIllegal in some contexts
Start DateSep 1, 2020
End Datenow
DescriptionPursuant to rule 7(1) of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Sentencing Guidelines) Rules (2019), adopted by the Commonwealth of Dominica under Statutory Instrument No. 3 (2019), Practice Direction 8E No. 1 (effective 1 September 2020) includes under Section 5(j) the crime of murder motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation among the exceptionally serious crimes that could lead to the imposition of life imprisonment for the perpetrator.
Sourceshttps://ilga.org/downloads/ILGA_World_State_Sponsored_Homophobia_report_global_legislation_overview_update_December_2020.pdf (page 243)

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