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IssueConversion therapy
StatusNot banned
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End DateMay 10, 2022
DescriptionConversion Therapies for LGBT people are held openly in Greece with the tolerance of the state as well as the responsible associations of mental health specialists. Research on this issue indicates that such therapies involve spiritual or religious leaders, alternative healers (homeopaths, energy therapists, etc.) as well as health and mental health professionals. Today, while some psychologists continue to use therapies such as disgust, the most commonly used techniques include a variety of behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, and other practices that seek to change or reduce a person's same-sex attraction or gender identity. Lesser known but still active practices are beatings, sexual violence - even rape -, isolation, deprivation of food, electroshock, administration of drugs and other drugs, psychological violence, as well as exorcisms or other sessions. The church is also promoting these therapies through the church-funded omofylofilia.gr site.

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