Entry #11258: Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Norway

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IssueLegal recognition of non-binary gender
StatusNot legally recognized
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionNorway does not recognise non-binary genders. Intersex infants are assigned a gender at birth, which may include medical proceedures.
Reports (3)
  • Status is not correct "The minster of culture and equality has just received a formal report on measures and proposed legislation to recognize non-binary gender. She has also stated to parliament (reference: https://www.stortinget.no/no/Saker-og-publikasjoner/Sporsmal/Skriftlige-sporsmal-og-svar/Skriftlig-sporsmal/?qid=95874) that she is in favor of introducing legislation that allows for a "third gender". However, the government has not yet formally presented anything to parliament."
  • Newer law has been passed "Intersex only should be the right one"
  • Note field is incorrect "Sex operation surgery is not allowed on children younger than 18, including intersex infants"

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