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: from May 26, 2024 to May 26, 2024.
plumelo created an entry in Portugal.
Blood donations by MSMs: Legal from Apr 7, 2010 to (none).
In Portugal, blood donations have rules regarding sexual behaviour but they are the same for homosexual and heterosexual people. While discrimination is illegal according to the Portuguese…
plumelo created an entry in Portugal.
LGBT employment discrimination: Sexual orientation only from 2003 to Jan 16, 2015.
Sexual orientation was protected.
plumelo created an entry in Portugal.
Serving openly in military: Lesbians, gays, bisexuals permitted, transgender people banned from 1999 to (none).
Portugal is not one of the 22 countries that allows trans military service. Trans people aren't explicitly banned from joining the army, but due to discrimination and regulations that also apply…