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hamfritta added an entry in New Zealand.
LGBT employment discrimination: Sexual orientation only from Feb 1, 1994 to now.
The Human Rights Act 1993 prohibits discrimination in relation to employment and religious grounds, affirmed by section 19 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, which apply everywhere. However, protections only apply to those of heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientations, and currently gender identity is ambiguously regarded as being protected under the ground of sex. That has not been tested yet, and is prone to being interpreted otherwise.
Sources: Bill of Rights: legislation.govt.nz/act/pub… Human Rights Act 1993 (See Part 2): legislation.govt.nz/act/pub… Lack of gender identity protections: nzlii.org/nz/journals/NZPub…
hamfritta added an entry in New Zealand.
Blood donations by MSMs: Banned (5-year deferral) from Mar 1, 2009 to Jan 1, 2014.
No specific date in March. NZBS lists March 2009 on the linked page. NZBS performed a review in 2013 and results are expected to be public shortly.