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I am 19. I am a college student and lover of psychology. A skeptic. An agnostic. An autodidact. I am a science enthusiast, a music lover, and I deeply enjoy spending some time on TV series and movies.
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diegorosemary added an entry in Colombia.
Right to change legal gender: Legal, but requires surgery from 2013 to Jun 4, 2015.
DECISION T-918-12 The Constitutional Court rules on the right to sexual identity, its relationship with the right to health in the case of transgender people and the change of the marital status of persons on the grounds on gender reassignment. The Chamber rules that it is the duty of the Health Promotion Agency to which the plaintiff is registered, to apply the procedures needed for the gender reassignment surgery, since these are covered by the Compulsory Health Plan (POS). Additionally, in the action for protection it is requested the application of all the procedures required for the normalization of the process of feminization and changing registration of gender from MALE to FEMALE, without leaving in this document any record of the biological condition. DECREE 1227 OF 2015 On June 5, the Colombian President signed Decree 1227, which authorizes citizens to change their sex on identification documents through a Notary Public and without having to prove their sexual identity through psychiatric or physical evaluations.
Sources: DECISION T-918-12: corteconstitucional.gov.co/… DECREE 1227 OF 2015: wp.presidencia.gov.co/sitio…