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: from Aug 15, 1948 to Jan 1, 1949.
There are some LGBT anti-discrimination protections in local jurisdictions, but national law doesn't protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Right to change legal gender: Legal, but requires surgery from Mar 22, 2013 to (none).
Transgender persons are permitted to change their gender without having had sexual reassignment surgeries.
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Censorship of LGBT issues: Ambiguous from (unknown) to Jan 1, 2022.
Haphazard self-censorship of LGBTQ+ content, expression, and assembly is common in South Korea.
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: from Jun 19, 2024 to Jun 19, 2024.
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Blood donations by MSMs: Legal from (unknown) to (none).
South Korea forbids people who have had sex "with certain high-risk individuals" within the past one year to donate blood. These rules apply equally to all people, regardless of their sexual…