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PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
LGBT discrimination: Illegal in some contexts from past to now.
Articles 11-3 and 18-3a of the Labour Code (1997), as amended in 2003, prohibit direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" in employment. Article 94(2b) establishes the employer’s duty to act against such discrimination. Under Article 8(1), the prohibition on discrimination based on "sexual orientation" is contained in the Law on Equal Treatment (2010) applies to employment and access to labour market instruments and services. There is no legal protection in all other areas.
PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
Equal age of consent: Equal from Jul 11, 1932 to now.
PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
Same-sex marriage: Not legal from past to Nov 27, 2012.
Article 18 of the Polish Constituation defines marriage as "a union of a man and a woman". Legal challenges have been made against this, including in the European Court of Human Rights, and The Court of Justice of the European Union has also ruled that all EU member states must recognise the rights of same-sex spouse, but no new law has been passed. Unregistered cohabitation recognized.
PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
Same-sex adoption: Illegal from past to Mar 1, 2021.
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PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
Right to change legal gender: Legal, but requires surgery from Nov 17, 1964 to Sep 22, 1995.
A medical diagnosis required, and individuals need to sue their parents in order to have their birth certificate changed. Under Polish law reassignment surgery can only take place after a person's gender has been legally changed.
PeterGalazka added an entry in Poland.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Jan 1, 1970 to now.
Consensual same-sex acts were legalized in 1945 after the end of WW2 by the Polish Penal Code. Since 2019 several municipalities have declared themselves to be "LGBT-free zones", while this has no legal standing it does adversely affect LGBT people by opening them up to hate crime. In 1970 homosexuality was completely decriminalized by removing the provision on homosexual prostitution from the penal code.