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CartoonGeek_E added an entry in Germany.
Right to change legal gender: Legal, surgery not required from past to 2023.
The German government on Tuesday, presented a draft self-determination law which, if accepted, will make it easier for people to change their name and gender legally. The proposed law will put an end to the decade-old rules that require Germans to get expert assessments and a court's authorization. Under the new rules, adults would be able to change their names and legal gender at the registry offices without any other formalities. Germany's governing coalition had promised to abolish the "transsexual law" when it came to power in December 2021.
CartoonGeek_E added an entry in Netherlands.
Legal recognition of non-binary gender: Recognized from past to 2023.
Judges in Arnhem have ruled that a non-binary person does not have to involve an outside expert to assess whether they should be allowed to have X in their passport, rather than M or V.