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Share the results of a survey covering an LGBTQ+ topic to be included on Equaldex. Surveys must be conducted by a reputable source.

Survey Details

Enter the exact question asked. If the question is overly wordy, you may trim it for clarity or summarize it as a statement such as "Support for same-sex marriage." Please use sentence case.
Source URL
Always link to the survey's page on the organization's official site. (Avoid linking to news articles unless the surveying organization has not directly published the results.) Avoid PDFs and downloadable files when possible.
Year Conducted
If the study was contucted over multiple years, use the latest year.


Please include the key result of a single survey question. Include all statistics (such as % agree, % disagree, etc). Begin with the pro-equality results first.

Example: 16% Support

Add Another Statistic

Total Percentage of Pro-Equality Responses

Please total the percentages of responses above that support LGBTQ+ equality. For example, if 20% of people strongly support same-sex marriage and 10% of somewhat support same-sex marriage, enter "30". If this survey is not representative of LGBTQ+ equality, leave this blank.

% pro-equality responses