Entry #830: Homosexual activity in North Dakota

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RegionNorth Dakota
IssueHomosexual activity
StatusIllegal (imprisonment as punishment)
Start Datepast
End Date1973
DescriptionNorth Dakota enacted a sterilization law for people who were "sexual deviants, perverts". Such law required no previous action, but right to sterilize based upon status alone. The law was repealed in 1965, S.L 1973 ch. 117.
SourcesLaws of Dakota 1862, page 165, ch. IX, §47, enacted Apr. 28, 1862 Laws of North Dakota 1903, page 285, ch. 206, enacted Mar. 13, 1903 Laws of North Dakota 1973, ch. 117 http://www.glapn.org/sodomylaws/sensibilities/north_dakota.htm#fn48

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