Entry #1965: Serving openly in military in Belarus

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IssueServing openly in military
StatusDon't Ask, Don't Tell
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionOpen homosexuals can not serve in the armed forces. When injected into the army, homosexuals may be victims of violence from colleagues. The Constitution and laws do not restrict the service of homosexuals in the military.
Sourceshttp://people.onliner.by/2013/07/04/gej-v-armii http://www.news.gayby.net/news/2007-10-05-767
Reports (2)
  • Status is not correct "They're literally asking on military medical examination what is your sexual orientation and if you say something rather than straight you might be considered as mentally ill and will be sent into mental institution for further examination and recognized as unfit for service. But as they don't have enough men for service, as many men don't want to go to this shithole, they might not even believe to you and say that you're lying to avoid service "
  • Status is not correct "U r allowed to be open in Belarusian army but I have to say it is a mental disorder "

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