Entry #1930: Serving openly in military in Ontario

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IssueServing openly in military
Start DateOct 10, 1992
End Date(none)
DescriptionCovered by federal law, Ontario has no provincial military.

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Start Date(unknown)Oct 10, 1992

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DescriptionCovered by federal lawCovered by federal law, Ontario has no provincial military.
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  • Other "Other provinces list as legal since one can join the Canadian military. N/A is still valid but it should be consistent."
  • Status is not correct "Legal, covered by fedral law."
  • Status is not correct "Because the federal government makes the laws in this area, being able to serve in the federal army means being able to serve anywhere, including here. Therefore, it's legal. "

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Start Date(unknown)
End Date(none)
DescriptionCovered by federal law