Entry #1880: Serving openly in military in United Kingdom

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RegionUnited Kingdom
IssueServing openly in military
Start Date1967
End DateJan 11, 2000
DescriptionThe Sexual Offences Act of 1967 explicitly made serving in the military as an openly gay/bi man illegal. Prior to this act, it was illegal for a man to have sex with another man entirely, and therefore, it was also illegal.
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  • Status is not correct "Serving in the military for LGB people was illegal until 1994, after which it was legal but immediately made against policy so people were discharged administratively rather than being prosecuted. Whilst often mistaken for LGB; Trans personnel were never specifically banned, and the Ministry of Defence produced its first policy for transitioning whilst serving in 1999, the year before the LGB policy ban was lifted following lost cases in the ECHR. "

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