Entry #1879: Homosexual activity in United Kingdom

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RegionUnited Kingdom
IssueHomosexual activity
StatusIllegal (up to life in prison as punishment)
Start Date1885
End Date1967
DescriptionThe Labouchere Amendment passed making sex between two men a gross indecency, punishable by imprisonment. Female homosexuality and sexual acts were not addressed in the law, and therefore, they technically would have been legal, though the law often applied the law towards women.

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ValueIllegal (imprisonment as punishment)Illegal (up to life in prison as punishment)

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http://www.stonewall.org.uk/at_home/hate_crime_domestic_violence_and_criminal_law/2647.asp https://www.bl.uk/lgbtq-histories/articles/a-short-history-of-lgbt-rights-in-the-uk
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  • Newer law has been passed "Homossexualidade não é ilegal no Reino Unido."
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