Entry #1601: LGBT housing discrimination in Pennsylvania

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IssueLGBT housing discrimination
StatusNo protections
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionThis state does not provide any legal protections from discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identification. However, the Human Rights Campaign states, "The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires grantees and participants of HUD programs to comply with local and state non-discrimination laws that include sexual orientation and gender identity. HUD also prohibits inquiries regarding the sexual orientation or gender identity of a prospective tenant or applicant for assisted housing in every state (March 2012)."
Reports (3)
  • Status is not correct "State explicitly interpretas current prohibition on sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity"
  • Other "Technically there are no state protections but you can sue for compensation if descimainted againced "
  • Status is not correct "that is not accurate there is state protections in pennsavania. I want this current status changed to sexual orientation and gender indenty. "

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