Entry #12605: Homosexual activity in Morocco

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IssueHomosexual activity
Start Datepast
End DateJan 1, 1956
DescriptionHomosexuality was ambiguous in Morocco before 1956

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Revision by Sam01it. Improved historical context

Old Value New Value (Current)
ValueIllegal (imprisonment as punishment)(REMOVED)
Special Status(REMOVED)Ambiguous
End DateJan 1, 1962Jan 1, 1956
DescriptionHomosexuality is ambiguous in MoroccoHomosexuality was ambiguous in Morocco before 1956
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Homosexuality is ambiguous in Morocco was ambiguous in Morocco before 1956
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https://www.humandignitytrust.org./country-profile/morocco/ https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-29566539

Revision by Sam01it. That’s totally wrong because homosexuality is prohibited here

Old Value (Original) New Value
Value(REMOVED)Illegal (imprisonment as punishment)
Special StatusAmbiguous(REMOVED)
End Date(NONE)Jan 1, 1962
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https://www.wikimonde.fr https://www.humandignitytrust.org./country-profile/morocco/
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  • Status is not correct "It is illegal not ambiguous "
  • Duplicate entry "Duplicate entry with incorrect status, please remove."
  • Status is not correct "There is nothing ambiguous about homosexuality in Morocco, it is clearly illegal and not looked upon favorably by the population."
  • Status is not correct "its illegal, nothing changed"
  • Status is not correct "its literally illegal"

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