Entry #10594: Censorship of LGBT Issues in Gagauzia, Unitatea teritoriala autonoma

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RegionGagauzia, Unitatea teritoriala autonoma
IssueCensorship of LGBT Issues
StatusNo censorship
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionIn Gagauzia, Unitatea teritoriala autonoma (UTAG), there are no laws restricting the discussion or promotion of LGBTQ+ topics.
Reports (3)
  • Newer law has been passed "In May 2022, the assembly adopted a resolution banning LGBTIQ “propaganda of non-traditional relations”. The new bill states that the “traditional family” is the basis of Gagauz society, prohibits promotion of “non-traditional relations” and bans local media from publishing anything positive relating to same-sex couples https://iwpr.net/global-voices/coming-out-gagauzias-conservative-society"
  • Newer law has been passed "A resolution was passed on May 25th by the People's Assembly of Gagauzia forbidding "propaganda of nontraditional values"(Resolution text is here: https://www.halktoplushu.md/index.php/postanovleniya/3946-o-zaprete-propagandy-netraditsionnykGagauziah-otnoshenij-lgbt-na-territorii-ato-gagauziya-gagauz-eri). This resolution has been sharply criticised and is being challenged in court (https://iwpr.net/global-voices/coming-out-gagauzias-conservative-society), but so far no ruling appears to have been reached."
  • Newer law has been passed "law banning lgbtqi+ propaganda, may 2022 https://www.halktoplushu.md/index.php/postanovleniya/3946-o-zaprete-propagandy-netraditsionnykh-otnoshenij-lgbt-na-territorii-ato-gagauziya-gagauz-eri"

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