Compare LGBT Rights in Suriname

Equality Index ?
41 / 100
Legal Index ?
59 / 100
Public Opinion Index ?
23 / 100
Public Opinion
Support for same-sex marriage (North and South America)
(AmericasBarometer, 2023)
20% Approve
Approval of equal rights for gender minorities (North and South America)
(AmericasBarometer, 2023)
26% Approve
Homosexual activityLegal
Since 1910
Same-sex marriageUnrecognized
Since 2023
Censorship of LGBT IssuesNo censorship
Right to change legal genderIllegal
Legal recognition of non-binary genderNot legally recognized
LGBT discriminationIllegal
Since 2015
LGBT employment discriminationSexual orientation only
Since 2015
LGBT housing discriminationSexual orientation and gender identity
Since 1975
Same-sex adoptionSingle only
Serving openly in militaryLegal
Blood donations by MSMsLegal
Conversion therapyNot banned
Equal age of consentUnequal
Since 1869
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