Compare LGBT Rights in Antigua and Barbuda & Montenegro

Equality Index ?
43 / 100
52 / 100
Legal Index ?
70 / 100
71 / 100
Public Opinion Index ?
17 / 100
33 / 100
Homosexual activityLegal
Since 2022
Since 1977
Same-sex marriageForeign same-sex marriages recognized onlyCivil unions (limited rights)
Since 2021
Censorship of LGBT issuesNo censorshipNo censorship
Right to change legal genderIllegalLegal, but requires surgery
Gender-affirming careLegal
Since 1998
Since 1997
Legal recognition of non-binary genderNot legally recognizedNot legally recognized
LGBT discriminationIllegal
Since 2022
Since 2010
LGBT employment discriminationSexual orientation and gender identity
Since 2022
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Since 2010
LGBT housing discriminationSexual orientation and gender identityAmbiguous
Since 2010
Same-sex adoptionSingle onlyIllegal
Since 2007
Intersex infant surgeryUnknownNot banned
Serving openly in militaryLegalLegal
Since 2017
Blood donations by MSMsLegalLegal
Since 2014
Conversion therapyAmbiguousNot banned
Equal age of consentEqual
Since 2022
Since 1977
Full DetailsFull Details

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