Compare LGBT Rights in Abuja Federal Capital Territory

Equality Index ?Not enough data
Legal Index ?Not enough data
Public Opinion Index ?Not enough data
Homosexual activityIllegal (death penalty as punishment)
Since 1916
Same-sex marriageBanned
Since 2014
Censorship of LGBT issuesImprisonment as punishment
Right to change legal genderIllegal
Gender-affirming careRestricted
Since 1992
Legal recognition of non-binary genderNot legally recognized
LGBT discriminationNo protections
Since 1999
LGBT employment discriminationNo protections
Since 1999
LGBT housing discriminationNo protections
Since 1999
Same-sex adoptionSingle only
Intersex infant surgeryUnknown
Serving openly in militaryIllegal
Blood donations by MSMsAmbiguous
Conversion therapyNot banned
Equal age of consentN/A
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