The Youth Empowerment Foundation-TYEF

The Youth Empowerment Foundation-TYEF

The youth Empowerment Foundation (TYEF) is a Non- Governmental Organization that was formed in 2009, and not yet registered. TYEF was started with the mandate of Capacity building of young people (14-25) years. Working to reduce on emigration, illiteracy, and eradicate human sexuality by responding to Physical and Emotional needs of the youths. TYEF creates awareness to Ugandans concerning the LGBTIQ population that is being marginalized and discriminated against by their families and community as whole in Uganda. TYEF is open to cooperate with well-founded local and international organizations around the world that are in line with the organization’s objectives. TYEF is established to address psychosocial, economic, discrimination, emigration and health problems among the youth which we term as the young Generation in Uganda. Through Secondary, Vocational and University education programs, discriminated people are given the opportunity to continue studying or take a training in order to acquire skills and knowledge that can empower them and prepare them for the future. This helps to reduce on the number of youths that flee the country to other countries in an attempt to seek asylum such that they can create a life. At TYEF, we strongly against emigration because we believe that if these people are empowered from their own countries, they will be the voice and freedom fighters for the future generation.

Location: Uganda

Founded: 2009

Official Website:  Favicon

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