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Homosexual Activity: Can anyone verify?

danlev danlev
This report says it's legal: old.ilga.org/Statehomophobi…

And cites the Djibouti Penal Code of 1995 (djibouti.mid.ru/doc/UK.htm), however, I don't see where it says anything about same-sex activity.

This site also references that Penal Code and cites "impudent acts", which I don't see anywhere.


sofoust sofoust

It looks like they can't make up their mind about it. The government doesn't seem to want to make it illegal, but the population being mainly Muslim doesn't like it. Reading the Penal Code it doesn't specifically mention homosexual acts, and there haven't been any tried cases about it. The US State Department stated "The law criminalizes consensual same-sex sexual conduct; however, the
government took no actions against persons under the law, and there were no
reported incidents of societal violence or discrimination based on gender identity
or sexual orientation. Societal norms did not allow for the public discussion of
homosexuality, and persons generally did not openly acknowledge being gay.
There were no known organizations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

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