Swiss Rainbow Families Organisation

Swiss Rainbow Families Organisation

The Swiss LGBT Families Umbrella Organisation champions the concerns and interests of rainbow families at the federal level and with the general public. It is the primary contact for all questions related to the topic. We define the term “rainbow family” as a family in which at least one parent self-identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The children in these families may issue from previous, heterosexual relationships or may be born into the lesbian or gay relationship, or adopted or taken in as foster children. If the family includes a transgender parent, the family may have been started before or after that parent’s coming out. The term “rainbow family” also references the international gay/lesbian symbol of the rainbow flag, which in many cultures the world over connotes tolerance, diversity and hope.

Our goals are the acceptance and legal recognition of rainbow families in Swiss society and law. The organisation wants to make visible the many different possible family configurations in society and to gain acceptance for rainbow families as an equivalent variant.

Our basic principles are openness, sensitivity, support in matters of integration and acceptance of all family configurations in all four language regions of Switzerland. We want to raise awareness of discrimination and marginalisation. Our organisation wants to integrate all different family forms as facets of society as a whole which, together, make up the complete spectrum of the rainbow

Our primary tasks consist in the networking among the families and with other interested parties and organisations domestically and abroad. On the policy level we work to obtain legal equality for rainbow families. The organisation sets up informational and public relations events in order to contribute to the visibility of rainbow families in Switzerland. Advisory and counselling services for rainbow families and interested parties are being readied. In particular, we want to strengthen and support children in rainbow families through adequate events.

Our work is done on a volunteer basis; each active member contributes according to his or her own judgment and ability. We value respectful contact among each other and vis-à-vis our network partners. We promote collaboration with other lesbian, gay and trans organisations as well as with various family organisations.

Location: Switzerland

Founded: 2010

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