Entry #10073: Same-sex marriage in Armenia

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IssueSame-sex marriage
StatusForeign same-sex marriages recognized only
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionOnly foreign same-sex marriages are recognized in Armenia.
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  • Other "In 2017, a single news source claimed that it received correspondence from an unnamed Ministry of Justice official suggesting that the government would recognize same-sex marriages conducted abroad. The article has frequently been cited by other sources, but has never been corroborated by any Armenian government official. No Armenian LGBT groups have reported that a same-sex couple has been able to register a foreign marriage or that they believe it would be possible. In 2019, the Minister of Justice clarified that the government does not recognize same-sex marriage. To establish if a country recognises foreign same-sex marriages as valid, I think we need to verify if at least one of the following criteria hold: 1) ordinary laws or governmental decrees and regulations explicitly instructing how same-sex marriages should be registered domestically with the same legal effects as domestic marriages; 2) Supreme Court or equivalent highest Court establishing a binding precedent for lower courts or local administration to register such marriages. Armenia fails both criteria because an (unattested) email sent by the Ministry of Justice to a dubious website is no proof that the country recognises foreign same-sex marriages. The country is deeply homophobic and it would be surprising if the governement encouraged legal recognition of same-sex couples. The reason why other sources report Armenia as recognising may be the very fact that Wikipedia has been reporting the PanArmenian source as valid for quite a long time now. The article doesn't even have a byline. The website overall looks unprofessional and is not hewing to standard journalistic practices, and thus should not be accepted as a trusted source."
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